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AI-powered copilot built for federal government professionals.

✔️ Fast answers to policy questions
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✔️ Backed by an extensive database
✔️ Ask your own documents questions
✔️ Accessible on the web wherever you are

Chat with your own documents.

Upload your document and start chatting. Save hours scrolling through long documents.
Let AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Sources included. Always.

Answers are always sourced with links. Easily verify the accuracy of generated text.
A super fast research assistant in your pocket.

Your AI research assistant.

Get StatesmanAI to write fact based content for you.

Your AI Copilot is Ready

StatesmanAI isn't a replacement for you.
It's a copilot that does the heavy lifting for you, saving you hours of tedious work.

Advanced AI-Powered Chat Interface

Engage with an intuitive chat interface to ask policy-related questions and receive accurate, concise answers with sources.

Extensive Database

StatesmanAI leverages a vast repository of government reports, think tank publications, and official government webpages to generate answers.

Contextual Policy Analysis

Receive in-depth, contextualized answers to your policy questions. StatesmanAI follows your instructions to get the answers you want.

Document Q&A

Upload a large document and ask questions about it. Statesman intelligently answers your questions even with very large documents.


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